A collection of Perl modules

A collection of Perl modules.

update 2015-10-14


File and Path

  • File::Path qw(make_path remove_tree)  – Create or remove directory trees
  • File::DirWalk – Walk through a directory tree and run own code
  • File::Find – Traverse a directory tree
  • File::Spec – Portably perform operations on file names
  • File::Basename – Parse file paths into directory, filename and suffix.
  • File::Tee – replicate data sent to a Perl stream
  • File::Copy – Copy files or filehandles
  • Tie::File – Access the lines of a disk file via a Perl array

Data structure

  • Set::IntervalTree – Perform range-based lookups on sets of ranges。区间树。
  • Set::Bag – bag (multiset) class
  • List::Compare – Compare elements of two or more lists
  • Array::Diff – Find the differences between two arrays [attention: sort the array before comparison!!! It’s a bug of the module]
  • BerkeleyDB – 高效的嵌入式数据库编程库,可以保存任意类型的键/值对,而且可以为一个键保存多个数据。
  • Heap – Perl extensions for keeping data partially sorted
  • Sort::Fields – Sort lines containing delimited fields






  • Parallel::ForkManage – A simple parallel processing fork manager.
  • Parallel::Runner – An object to manage running things in parallel processes.
  • MCE – Many-Core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities




  • cpanminus – get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN  doc


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