Build wiki with dokuwiki

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last updte: 2014-08-27

Install guides


Make sure that the web server  user has WRITE permission on wiki folders. It’s better that web server could connect to internet for downloading plugins.

My installed plugins:

  • Install all popular plugins official download page. *
  • fontcolor – text in various colors. Support toolbar!
  • highlight – Enables a simple mark-up syntax for highlighting text in various colors. Support toolbar!
  • edittable – Provides a visual table editing and inserting interface. Support toolbar! *
  • include – Include another wiki page into the current one.
  • indexmenu – Show a customizable and sortable index for a namespace.
  • pagelist – Lists pages in a nice looking table or unordered list. *
  • tag – Assign category tags to wiki pages.
  • cloud – Show a cloud of the most frequently used words in your wiki.
  • discussion – Adds a comments section to Wiki pages.
  • anewssystem –  Simple News system to create news articles and preview them or provide the News tags within a little cloud. *
  • backup – Backup your site and configuration data to a file.