Recent experience of programming

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During the past three months, I’ve wrote two tools (SeqKit and csvtk) and extended few packages (bio and util), all in Go language.

Here are some experience I’ve got.

Code organiztion

src           # source code
docs          # documents
tests         # tests
benchmarks    # benchmark results
examples      # examples


Version control

  • Use git.
  • Create a repository on Github.


  • Write annotation for all public variables and functions. Use lint tools to check this.
  • Duild a project website (mkdocs/hugo) and host it on


Very important!

  • Unit Test.
    • Cover all functions, especially the frenquently used packages.
    • Use test tool of the programming language.
  • Function Test.
    • Use automated tools, e.g. ssshtest - Stupid Simple (ba)Sh Testing - A functional software testing framwork


  • Packing release files.
  • Automated testing.